Sunday, March 21, 2010

The final two..

I'll admit it...I was getting a little burned out working on these friendship layouts (plus so many deadlines were looming). So, with a little help from my friends (and super cool co-workers) I was able to complete this project! The first layout featuring my dear friend Showtunes (aka Sharon) was designed by the "sweet and crafty" Jamie Andersen. Jamie hosts the Late Niters at Scrapbooks, Etc on Saturdays and teaches an awesome class that creates home decor items called, "Welcome Home." Her stuff is the cutest!
The final layout, featuring my dear friend Georgia (I just call her "G") was greatly inspired by the "ever so clever" Sandee Traasdahl (and her lovely assistants Nicole and Laura). Sandee (or as I like to call her...the Golden One) hosts the Late Niters at Scrapbooks, Etc. on Fridays, Scrapfest and teaches the stores Cricuit Classes.
Thanks to my lovely models and my talented guest designers!