Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It seems like a lifetime ago....

But I really used to know how to sew... As a matter of fact, I made my Prom Dress and the cool black lace (Madonna inspired) gloves that I'm wearing in this photo! I won awards for sewing back in High School. I was so young, I was so thin, I was even quite shy.

So, why am I talking about sewing on my Scrapbook /Little Doggy Blog? Because tomorrow I am scheduled to take a sewing class so I can re-familiarize myself with this craft and better assist customers at Scrapbooks, Etc. (sometimes I have to leave my happy place...aka the paper room).

With some help from my wonderful friends (Theresa and Cynthia) I managed to cut out the pattern. Tomorrow, in class with a seasoned professional, Deanna B., I will attempt to make an apron.

Now time for a confession....I am scared that I will really, really like sewing and I absolutely CAN NOT take on another hobby! Wish me luck everyone...I'll let you know how it goes!!!